About Us

About us

One of the key things about us is what makes our products & services better than others,  all our sanitary bins as well as sanitisers are independently tested and are specifically designed for use within washrooms and also offensive waste storage bins.

about us
Sanitary bin services

Sanitary waste bins can be a breeding ground for micro-organisms leading to the development of odours and subsequent customer complaints. Using high quality sanitisers reduces health risks and service call outs.

About us and our core principles & values

The customer is key – we strive to understand our customers. Also listening to their requirements and ensuring that we meet their needs.

Premium products & Services – been part of Rentex Hygiene we aim to be innovative and stay ahead of the competition. Delivering exemplary service as well as quality products you can be proud of.

Our Customers

Our customers have remained with us year after year, because we will never knowingly let them down. Whether it’s for your staff, customers, or yourself. We know how important it is for people to visit clean and fresh smelling washrooms.

You can have total confidence and peace of mind that we fully meet all your health and safety duty of care requirements. We dispose of all our waste diligently, with care for the environment at the top of our agenda.

We also understand that no organisation can underestimate the high benefits of personal hygiene services provided by a professional washroom service partner.

It will not only enhance your image but comply with your legal duties under the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Regulations 1992.

Using high performance as well as industry leading products

We also understand our staffs needs and help protect washroom service operatives from germs within the waste receptacles whilst also reducing odours.  Our feminine hygiene waste treatment solutions are high quality, performance driven and environmentally responsible.