Hygiene Supplies

Hygiene supplies for commercial and domestic facilities..

As the world moves towards a “new normal” following the Covid-19 global pandemic, we have increased our range of products to help our customers make this transition.

We promote a range of hand sanitiser dispensers, soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers suitable for commercial installations. We can also provide hand sanitiser signage as well as sanitiser station floor mats.

As a business you need a fast, safe and straightforward hygiene purchase solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our online store is designed to do just that.

Hygiene Supplies Purchase With Confidence

Hygiene supplies
Commercial Cleaning Wipes By Rentex

We have been supplying commercial hygiene products since 1999. Our customers include Ministry of Defense, Police, Fire & Rescue, RAF, HM Prison Services, MI5, RSPCA, Ford Group, Bristol Street Motors, RNLI, Local Authorities & Many More. 

Business Hygiene Supplies & the pandemic

As people all over the world come together to protect one another from the infectious outbreak of COVID-19 & Omicron, businesses must prepare not only for disruption in their business, but also prepare for protecting the health of their employees and customers in the workplace.

Healthy staff and customers are crucial to your business, which is why you need a company you can rely on to provide you with adequate hygiene supplies. Whatever business your in, it’s especially important that also you follow hygiene procedures and minimise direct contact.

Due to Covid-19 there has been a huge increase in sales to the public and certain lines are going out of stock quicker than normal. We are always arranging for additional stock to be shipped in sooner than normal to meet demand.

Pandemic Workplace Essentials

  • Antibacterial surface wipes
  • Disposable gloves
  • Alcohol hand sanitisers
  • Antibacterial hand soaps
  • Quality face masks
  • Paper hand towels

Waste Disposal

Your setting will have certain procedures for moving, removing, or destroying infectious materials. Consider all stages: from storage, through handling and bagging, to transportation and laundering.

  • Minimise contact, i.e. handle materials as little as possible and transfer them via routes that minimise exposure to others.
  • Discard materials into a suitable container or bag. It must also conform to the required standards
  • Use bags that are marked or coloured for infectious waste. This includes orange or yellow bags (or signs), and text or symbols indicating the bag contains hazardous waste for treatment or incineration.
  • Never fill a bag or container more than ¾ full.
  • Never over fill waste receptacles.