Logo Mat Services

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Logo Mat Services

Professional logo entrance mats and dirt control matting in Yorkshire by friendly floor care operatives.  All mat services are carried out by our own dedicated as well as friendly floor care service team.

As a Yorkshire based business our logo entrance mat and matting rental services will maintain your premises whilst reducing the risk of slips on wet floors.

Logo Mat Services
Logo Mat Services

Protecting your floors with logo mats also provides the added benefit of helping to promote your company profile.

Unfortunately with more and more demand placed on reducing budgets and reducing services you may think that having a logo entrance mat is an expensive luxury.

Think again, not having adequate entrance mats and matting can prove costly in the long term as expensive floor coverings will require replacement sooner. You may also experience higher contract cleaning charges.

Logo Mat Services Benefits

Using our professional logo entrance mats and dirt control barrier matting services.

  • Reduce dirt entering into your premises
  • Regular maintenance of Entrance Logo Mats
  • Logo entrance mats with surprisingly low service charges
  • Helps to reduce slips and especially falls within the workplace

Mat Contracts

We can provide logo entrance mat customers with a 36 month maintenance package. Starting from as little as £4.99 per week. This rate also includes the provision of 2 x logo mats (one logo mat on your floor and the other in rotation).

This service charge also includes regular service visits by our operatives. We will also replace your logo mats on site with freshly laundered logo mats.

Non contract logo mat launder only service

This option is perfect for business users that would wish to purchase outright for various reasons.

Logo mats are priced individually as all logo entrance mats and designs are different and bespoke, purchasing your logo mats will however reduce your contract maintenance charges as the cost of your logo mats is not spread over a contract term of 36 months.

For this launder only service of your logo mat purchase we provide a 24 month contract maintenance plan.