Sanitary Bin Liners

Sanitary Bin Liners 

These scented quality sanitary waste disposal bags are specifically used by professional washroom companies. Perfect for the storage of soiled hygiene waste within the female hygiene unit receptacle.

sanitary bin liners
sanitary bin liners

Antimicrobial, treated with Biomaster silver biocide for effective odor and also germ control within the waste disposal unit.

Commercial Sanitary Bin Liners 

Using these Sanicare Sanitary Bin Liners also keeps the internal part of the waste disposal unit clean.

Sanicare Liner Features

  • Fits the majority of sanitary bins 15 litre as well as the 20 litre waste disposal containers.
  • Quantity per roll 1 x 25
  • Bag Size: 615 mm x 590 mm 
  • Antimicrobial 
  • Bio master protected
  • Tested to: ISO 22196 2011

The best washrooms are designed with a view to easy cleaning and maintenance and with sustainability in mind.

Some cleaning teams still use non-scented liners in combination with extra products such as sachets or gels for washroom hygiene bins, but these increase the workload and the cost and time spent servicing bins.

Bio Master Antimicrobial Technology

Sanicare sanitary bin unit liners bags incorporates Biomaster antimicrobial technology added during the film extrusion process.

Biomaster inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria including E. coli and Legionella. It also reduces malodours because microbes can’t grow in contact with the liners.

Sanicare bin liners can eliminate the need for additional masking fragrances and antimicrobial products.

The efficacy of each production run of sanicare safesan sanitary bin unit liners bags are regularly tested to 1SO22196 and they are made from 30% recycled material.

We strongly recommend the use of sanitary disposal unit modesty bags & dispensers with sanitary hygiene units. 

Whatever business your in, it’s especially important that you follow hygiene procedures and dispose of waste correctly.

How To Clean Your Sanitary Bins

Wipe the bin lid and sides daily using antibacterial spray cleaner and paper towels. Stick to this so that it just becomes a regular part of your cleaning routine. Additionally do a deep clean once a month  – wash and disinfect the bin thoroughly with hot water and a liquid disinfectant.

The fastest way to clean a plastic bin is to stand your cleaning solution inside it! Dilute some of the multi-purpose cleaner you use within your bathroom and let the lid soak in this too. You can then use a rag mop to clean up the bin sides. When finished tip carefully into the sink and rinse.

Once your unit is thoroughly clean and dry you can insert the liner and replace the lid.