Sanitary Bin Services Yorkshire

Sanitary bin services Yorkshire for small businesses to large office buildings.

sanitary bin services Yorkshire
Sanitary bin services

At sanitary bin services Yorkshire we are able to provide a sanitary bin service schedule that suits you. Whether that be weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our team will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Sanitary Bin Services Yorkshire – Legal Ethical & Reliable

Our professional operatives will arrive at your site and remove your sanitary waste. Using scented sanitary waste liners with antimicrobial protection allowing your organisations hygienic standards to remain high.

Any women that visit your premises whether that be employees or customers, must be provided with sanitary bins in safe, accessible and hygienic areas of your washroom.

As well as providing these sanitary bins, The Duty of Care Act dictates that any sanitary waste must be managed up until the waste has been disposed of.

This means that your company cannot be responsible for disposing of the sanitary waste.  Therefore only a licensed carrier of sanitary waste can be responsible for this.

At Sanitary bin service Yorkshire our partner Rentex are fully licensed to service your sanitary products and dispose of your washroom waste in a discreet and hygienic way.

All our feminine hygiene units are slim line in design and incorporate a modesty chute to conceal internal contents.  The modern sleek design will fit into most washroom cubicles and can placed at either side of the toilet.

Bin Or Liner Exchange ?

We offer a SaniCare liner service rather than bin exchange – which is offered by some of our main competitors simply for speed due to over whelmed service operatives. We feel that this provides a far more discreet service when on site.

safesan sanisafe sanicare liners
Sanitary bin liners

Currently there is a downwards trend to the sanitary unit exchange. Firstly companies have been known to carry the sanitary bins through your premises which aren’t very discreet.  If in a retail environment this is as you can imagine unpleasant and in recent times companies have even been known to use shopping trolleys.

Hygiene issues are then arising because of this way of business.  There could also be a higher risk of cross infection due to clean bins and used bins carried within the same vehicle.

Some companies believe that the bins are sanitised to a higher level if  cleaned at a separate depot. Although this can be argued that they are cleaned just as efficiently on site.

A dose of sanitary bin sanitiser granules can also be added to the unit on service. Something that is not done with a bin exchange. Both these systems help to reduce odours and keep the cubicle fresh.  Our service team sanitise the bins with an alcohol based spray designed to kill 99.99% of bacteria.

  • Bio master protected
  • Tested to: ISO 22196 2011
  • Biomaster inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria
  • reduces malodours because microbes can’t grow

The best washrooms are designed with a view to easy cleaning and maintenance and with sustainability in mind.