Nappy Bin Services

Nappy bin services for schools, nursery’s and other commercial premises.  

nappy bin services
Nappy bin services

Our nappy bin services ensure the safe and ethical disposal of soiled nappy waste. We allocate each site with its own nappy bin. Your friendly washroom service representative calls to maintain your hygiene disposal bins in a discreet and professional manner.

Nappy Bin Services – Workplace Support

On your scheduled nappy bin services day they will also remove the internal liner supplied and replace with a new one and also apply a dose of our Bio Active waste bin sanitiser. This significantly reduces odours and deactivates pathogens within the receptacle.

All waste removed from site under licence for safe and legal disposal contact us for an online nappy waste services quotation or call 01924 253533 to arrange a site survey.  For larger volume customers such as nursing homes and nurseries we can also provide outside trade waste collection bins.

Duty of Care and The Law

If you are a producer of controlled waste you specifically have a legal duty of care. Duty of care applies to everyone involved with the handling of your waste. Starting with the site that produces it to the person who specifically disposes of it.

Service Benefits  

  • Disposal services also helps to avoid blocked drains
  • Units contain specially formulated Bio Sanitisers such as Neutrabin 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Protection for staff as well as customers
  • Services complies with Environmental Protection Act 1991
  • Shows a firm commitment to washroom standards within the workplace
  • Peace of mind collections by a professional service teamNappy bin sanitiser

Offensive Waste Removal

Nappy bin services waste is offensive waste. Dependent on which type of waste you produce you will be required to place the soiled waste within a yellow waste bag for collection.

We mainly supply and service local authority residential and care homes with our offensive waste disposal Yorkshire services including private childcare facilities with a fully compliant offensive waste removal and management services.offensive waste disposal Yorkshire

We also provide an emergency offensive waste disposal Yorkshire call out service for the collection and disposal of offensive waste and controlled waste especially when unforeseen circumstances should arise

Waste managed in the appropriate manor and due to the nature of the internal contents all our yellow offensive waste control bags must be 3/4 filled.