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The portal is currently due to end its free, central PPE provision from 1 April 2022. At this point, health and care providers will need to purchase PPE from a supplier of their choice. DHSC PPE PORTAL CLOSES

Usage increased at least 3-fold compared to 2019 for all items and, in some categories, usage in one week during COVID-19 is the same as the total amount used in 2019.

While the UK vaccination programme has been a success and restrictions are progressively coming to an end, the trajectory of the COVID-19 remains highly uncertain. We cannot therefore predict what, if any, changes will be made to the IPC guidance by 31 March 2022.

If IPC guidance does not recommend a change in PPE usage between now and 31 March 2022, then the same high volumes of PPE will continue to be used across the health and care system. Assuming that volumes do remain the same, the cost to the health and care sector, including DHSC, in 2022 to 2023 will be:


Cost to the health and care sector in 2022 to 2023

  • Free PPE is extended for 12 months        £600 million
  • Free PPE ends from 1 April 2022             £1.4 billion

Potential impact of the PPE ends scenario

The government would no longer be intervening in the PPE market

This option would increase the cost burden on care providers. The department is considering potential funding options to help mitigate this. However, this funding would only be available for PPE in line with IPC guidance and cannot be guaranteed.

However, if providers were to bear the entire cost, there is a risk of non-compliance with IPC guidance if providers cannot afford the additional cost. There is also a risk that some adult social care services may become unviable if funding is not available

Costs Are Higher

The costs of ending free PPE are higher as stock is already centrally held which would need to be newly purchased if free PPE were to end.

While the department is exploring funding options. Their is no guarantee that the government will be able to support health and care providers with this additional cost.

Sufficient stock is held centrally to support health and care providers to meet their COVID-19 needs through 2022 to 2023. Therefore, if COVID-19 levels of PPE are still needed from 1 April 2022, then the department may need to extend the provision of free, central PPE to ensure services can meet their COVID-19 needs and keep frontline workers protected.  However, this requires the department continuing to intervene in the PPE market in the UK

Invitations to join the new PPE Portal, and user research, will commence in early January 2022.

Should you wish to register your interest, please fill out this short PPE Portal User Research form.