Sanitary Bin Sanitiser

sanitary bin sanitiser

Sanitary Bin Sanitiser 

Bio Active female sanitary, nappy disposal as well as medical waste bin sanitiser large trade pack. This washroom waste sanitising product is especially designed for the safe storage of soiled dressings.

sanitary bin sanitiser
sanitary bin sanitiser

Sanitary Bin Sanitiser

This active waste sanitizer is 99% biodegradable and can also be used in clinical bins, wheelie bins and kitchen waste containers.

The Neutrabin slow release germicides and odour neutralising vapors are activated upon contact with moisture or waste materials within the receptical.

Neutrabin Product features:

  • Fast action formula with a pleasant fragrance 
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Inhibits microbic cell multiplication
  • Bio active waste treatment
  • Independently tested and approved
  • Supplied in an easy to carry container with internal spout to facilitate measured dosage
  • 12 x 1000 gm shaker bottles also sold individually

Why Use Sanitary Waste Disposal Products 

This commercial sanitiser product significantly differs in comparison to others that aim to control odours and destroy bacteria.

feminine hygiene sanitary bin
Sanitary bins

The properties of our neutrabin bin sanitiser ensures that offensive odours are destroyed but also that the bacteria is controlled and destroyed at the same time. 

This bacterium could derive from such things as soiled dressings as well as general organic waste.

The main thing to consider is that waste unit sanitiser works in a non toxic manner the odours that it produces as a result of reacting with the bacteria will be non toxic and not harmful.

This means that any odours produced are less harmful than those that are produced by the waste in question.

Neutrabin is very effective and simple to apply. It requires no special skills or training in use – making it ideal in almost every kind of industrial, commercial or professional as well as domestic health care situation.

This product is also used extensively by our own washroom sanitary bin service operatives.

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